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Custom Built Generators

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In 2018 an opportunity presented itself to supply custom built generator sets to one of our larger mining clients. It was a new challenge for us, but one we were excited to take on.

In 2018 one of our larger mining clients approached us about supplying custom-built generators. Although power generation and overhauling generators are a large part of what we do, we had never previously been asked to supply new generators to a customer.

We decided to seize the opportunity and began the procurement process.

Our customer provided a very particular set of specifications to adhere to. One big one was the conditions where the generators would be used. They needed to be able to withstand harsh Australian conditions and operate efficiently at an ambient air temperature of 50°C.

Engaging with engineering teams locally and overseas, we managed to work through the extensive requirements and choose a supplier that would meet our expectations. These included:

  • An upgraded cooling pack for each generator, with a radiator rated to 60°C ambient air temperature, and
  • Modified canopies and electrical boxes to reduce both dust and water ingress.

To date we have sold over 150 custom generators, ranging from 30KVA – 330KVA, and we’re able to design and meet almost any requirements our customers may have.

Since the first custom generator we built, we’ve continued to evolve in this space, and we’re now the preferred supplier of custom generators for this client.