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QSK78 Generator Engine

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Pacific Energy engaged us to complete a full bare block rebuild of a Cummins QSK78 generator engine. To date, it’s the largest engine overhaul we’ve completed in our workshop.

Overhauling Cummins engines is our bread and butter. Although we had previously worked on QSK78 engines in the field, we had never completed a full bare block rebuild in our workshop.

In 2022 Pacific Energy engaged us to fully overhaul a Cummins QSK78 generator engine. It was the largest engine overhaul we’d completed to date.

The project presented a range of challenges for us. The engine block itself is the largest block we’re capable of machining in-house, and the crippling delays in global supply chains made sourcing genuine parts a demanding exercise, even in conjunction with Pacific Energy.

But with perseverance and determination, we pushed on. We managed to source all the parts we needed, and finally completed the engine overhaul, subjecting it to a full dyno test before it entered the field.

It was a challenging yet rewarding project, and we’d like to thank Pacific Energy for entrusting us with this opportunity. We look forward to building more QSK78 engines in our workshop.