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Rottnest Island Power Station Generator Upgrades

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We successfully upgraded five generators at the Rottnest Island Power Station, developing a great working relationship with Rottnest Island and Programmed Facility Management in the process.

The Rottnest Island Power Station has been operating for many years now. In order to ensure it remains operating for many more to come, Rottnest Island initiated a program in 2015 to upgrade its ageing assets.

A tender was issued, and after careful consideration and effort, Westralian Diesel was successful in the tender process to upgrade the power station.

The power station is a critical piece of Rottnest Island’s infrastructure, and is used to power much of the island, so it was important for us to consider all aspects of this project.

The geographical location of Rottnest Island presented some logistical challenges, too, given the size of the assets we were working with. The new generators, along with all the equipment required to complete the job, had to make the trip across the channel via the Rottnest Barge. This required some extra planning and care.

Despite this, we were able to complete the initial upgrade in a professional, efficient, and timely manner.

We have continued to work with the staff at Programmed Facility Management since 2015, conducting regular servicing and maintenance, and we have now successfully upgraded all generators within the Power Station. This includes 3 x QSX15-G8 Generators and 2x KTA19-G9 Generators.

It’s been a significant ongoing project for us, and we’re proud of the results we have achieved. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Rottnest Island and Programmed Facility Management.